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The Pleated Minidress: V-day Edition

It's time for another one of my v-day outfit posts.  If you missed my first ensemble with Trollbeads, click here.  Anywho, for today's blast, I centered my look around a fab dress from Lifestyle Clothiers.  Isn't the color perfect for the occasion?  There's just something about deep burgundy.  It'll always be a do in my book.
On top of it all, the design's comfortable yet super flattering.  The piece highlights the small of my waist which creates a sexy hourglass figure + elongates my legs.  Yay for visual illusions! Sidebar: I actually wrote an article on 'em a while back on how to look 10lbs lighter with fashion so make sure you guys clicky.
Anywho, I paired my dress with a faux-leather moto jacket to add edge and carried a lace clutch to up my texture game.  To top things off, I accessorized with pearl pieces from Trollbeads' Falling in Love collection.
Other fabulous v-day dress options:

Dress:  c/o Lifestyle Clothiers || Necklace + Rings:  Trollbeads || Jacket:  Ann Taylor (similar) || Shoes:  Deb (similar)
 Shot by the awesome Sung Shin.

SS Eats: Choolaah

Sharing yet another fabulous food adventure with you guys today on SS.  If you follow me on IG + watch my instastories, you've probably already seen my coverage on Choolaah...BUT just in case you missed it and don't know what they're all about, they're a fabulous fine-casual Indian restaurant that just opened in Fairfax, VA's Mosaic District.  
I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I loved this restaurant!  I'm so beyond impressed with their entire operation.  Their food is a-MA-zing, and their decor is unique, fun, and impeccably clean. Justin aka DCFoodPorn - did I mention that my friends are all really ridiculously good-looking - and I got to watch the chefs in action, and it was super cool.  They made fresh naan and tandoori chicken right before our eyes!
See?  The naan making process begins...
They stick the naan to the sides of the tandoori oven to cook 'em...
...and whip them out after a few minutes after they're cooked to perfection.
A shot of their amazingly delish chicken cooking.
A slew of incredibly nomtastic bowls for your viewing pleasure!  Choolaah has these awesome build-a-bowl BBQ meals that appeal to pretty much everyone.  Whether you're a vegetarian or whatevs, you'll be more than satisfied with whatever grub you get here.  I got a chicken tikka masala bowl with brown rice + wheat naan.  The chicken and rice come separately with the curry on the side so you control how much or little you have.  

The other curry options are as follow:  chickpea masala, black lentil, yellow lentil or veggie masala. In addition to chicken, they offer 5 other proteins:  lamb, salmon, paneer cheese, veggie croquette, and tofu + veggie.
Paneer cheese + veggies? Um, I think yes.
A shot of their samosa chaat.  So. Freaking. Tasty!  They're topped with chickpea masala and drizzled with yogurt, sweet & tangy sauces with savory crispy noodles.
Mmm, why is lamb so good?
Now, in addition to these yummy bowls, they also sell different salads, lettuce wraps, naan wraps, and biryanis.  I've tried both the chicken + veggie biryani, and they are ridiculous in the best way possible.  I'm talking about a serious flavor explosion in your mouth!  Trust me, you'll be blown away.  Andddd while you're at it, get a mango lassi and choolaah chai.  Both of them are straight up amazeballs.  OH, and I almost forgot about dessert.  I didn't have a chance to try the kulfi, but their chocolate truffles are to DIE for!  Rich, creamy morsels of goodness that'll have you salivating for days on end.  

One last thing before I leave y'all.  Remember to take full advantage of their kickass sauce station. Like all their food here, their sauces pack serious flavor.  I tried their mint yogurt sauce, their choolaah fire sauce, and their choolaah lava sauce and loved each and every one of them!

A huge thanks to Choolaah for having me and the wonderful DCFoodporn.

January Workout Playlist: The KPOP Edition

Alright everyone, I'm beyond pumped to share my January workout playlist with you guys.  Today's post is all about korean pop!  I've been into it for quite some time, but more so when I was younger.  I still think old school kpop is superior - think Fly to the Sky, Shinhwa, SES, and Drunken Tiger.  I may be biased though because I've never been into the whole cutesy girl group thing...even though I secretly indulge from time to time, ha.

My current fave kpop group by far is 2NE1.  Their music is SO freaking cool, and I really like the whole image + vibe they got going on - if you watch their videos, you'll see exactly what I mean. Their group consists of 4 members, but CL (aka Chaelin) dominates IMO.  She actually has a bit of a career in the US, too.  She works with Skrillex and Diplo fairly often, and I believe she's managed by Scooter Braun (aka Justin Bieber's manager).  Hopefully she'll make it here because 2NE1 broke up earlier this year - she did resign with YG as a solo artist though so that should be cool.

ANYWHO, I hope you guys enjoy today's playlist!  Let me know what theme I should tackle next in the comment section below.  Also, I'm always looking for new tunes to sweat to, so if you have recommendations, definitely let me know!